About me

I’m Dani. Dani-Ellie. Daniella. Miss Dani. Dani Teacher.

All in all, I’m a traveler who lacks direction, but has a really strong desire just to go. Where to? That’s a good question. Off we go! Time to travel, teach and learn.

Right now, I’m living the expat life in South Korea, teaching English in a middle school. One year down, one to go!

This is also my disclaimer as requested by Fulbright, IIE, the U.S. State Department, and AMINEF:

This collection of stories, tales of adventure and total chaos is my own, reflects my own opinions, and does not reflect the views of the organzations that may or may not influence the balance of my bank account. It is not owned by any company, federal organization, or indigenous culture. It’s mine!

One response

21 03 2010
Joan Helms

Hi Dani, You are an amazing young woman. I am enjoying your blog and wishing a bit that I had looked into a fulbright experience… wow…I have
read three cups of tea and stones into schools and wish I was just beginning as a teacher instead of looking towards the end of my “formal” career. Cheers to you and your contemporaries! (did I misspell that?) Take care and thank you for sharing bits of your experiences with all of us still in Oregon!


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