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17 02 2012

When I was a freshman in university, Youtube was a fairly new thing. “Daft Hands” and “The Evolution of Dance” (I met that guy!!) had me mesmerized, and “Charlie The Unicorn” and “Charlie Bit Me” nearly make me lose my shit. They still get me from time to time, you gotta love the throwbacks to 2006.

Now we have things like Bieber and that nonsense Rebecca Black does. (Does she have eardrums? And Glee producers, I’m glaring at you over my Korean hipster frames, since I don’t wear glasses. Unacceptable.) I do love Jenna Marbles and My Drunk Kitchen, so Youtube has its redeeming accounts.

So last year, before I came to Korealand, wonderous world of no-Hulu or America only videos, I saw this little diddy of educational perfections:

I knew I had to do it. They all had such straight faces, but I had to make it fun. Somehow.

But how?

Sing along and dance like an idiot.

My 7th graders were amazing and we put it together (if you take away the drawing signs time) just over an hour. We made the video, and I posted it that night on Youtube. Here it is:

That hooting sound at the beginning is me. I almost dropped the camera while adjusting it on the tripod. Oops. My kids I had so much fun, rocking out and getting into it.

First, facebook liked it. I figured we’d sit pretty at a few hundred views, 303 to be exact.

Turns out, 303 is the number Youtube gets stuck at when a video is going viral.

My friend from Pacific, Vincent, commented on a post that it was moving up on Reddit. I was on my phone and out for the day, so I had no idea the interwebs were blowing up with my lovely students. Reddit has some serious trolls, so I had to do some damage control there. One Redditor so kindly made a meme out of one of my students.

This kid follows me at school. I swear to god he's everywhere, and thanks to a Redditor, now he really is.


After Reddit, it went bananas.

Huffington Post (HOLY CHRISTMAS.)


College Humor


The Independent


Tastefully Offensive!


There were many more, like thedailywhat, buzzfeed, theawesomer, storyful, knowyourmeme, several university websites (like Syracuse, but not Pacific??) and many local news outlets. Sadly, none from Oregon. Cue the sad face. 😦

I did happen to love the commentary from Tuscon Weekly.

And one that I discovered only recently… Perez Hilton posted our video!!

421,666 views right now. Maybe half of them were from me.

I’m SUPER proud of my kids. Here’s to another year of trying to make the textbook irrelevant!

Make it happen, Cap’n– err, Robocop.

23 06 2011

I want this to happen to the next kid who swears in my class.

One big problem I have at my school, and all over the place with kids in Korea, is that they swear like sailors. I’ve made it a rule that if I hear a bad word in English, the student must stand at the back of the classroom holding up a desk. Yes, a desk.

It’s like the swear jar, but worse. 4 minutes for a 4-letter word. It’s gotten a little bit better, but there are still the kids who insist on running around yelling “Oh SHIT!” when their friends are chasing them in the hallway at break.

My current project of the day is learning the proper way to say, “If your mother knew what you just said, she would murder you.” This was actually brought about by being sick and tired of the 3rd grade ELEMENTARY school boy next door who yells out the window, “Hey man, F*** you!” every day when I walk by. Teachers obviously don’t pay much attention to the bombs being dropped in English every 5 seconds. The sad part is that the teachers all know what the kids are saying, but just ignore it.

Teachers out there, what do you do to combat swearing in class? Help me out here!


Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog ALWAYS makes me happy.

14 02 2011

Here’s the wonder in six parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6: (Yes, this is the end.)

This show reminds me of 2 things: Iain and Spain. 😀

Living Like a Real Gypsy

3 02 2011

I heard about this UK Channel 4 program and immediately had to investigate. When I read the word “Gypsy,” I wasn’t necessarily thinking of Irish travelers. After watching the first part, I was hooked. It’s like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” meets “My Super Sweet 16” or “16 and Pregnant” before the crews show up.
Check it out!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:


29 12 2010

“But it makes an immigrant laugh to hear the fears of the nationalist, scared of infection, penetration, miscegenation, when this is small fry, peanuts, compared to what the immigrant fears – dissolution, disappearance.

— Zadie Smith

Fellow Travelers, Does This Quote Describe You Too? (via Hart’s Smiling All Over the World)

28 12 2010

I agree with this wholeheartedly.

Anthony Bourdain, you hit the nail on the head.
Take me out to dinner?

Happy holidays everyone! I’m still in the USA. If JFK airport opens and runs on schedule, tomorrow I will be leaving to return back to Japan. I came back to the USA full of hope and cheer. Yet, in less than a week, I began wishing I had went somewhere tropical for the holidays; started a new adventure in a foreign place; and had two weeks full of memories. I was happy to see family and friends, yes, but there was something inside of me that couldn’t seem to fully embrace the happiness I normally feel when I visit Ohio. When I was last here in August 2009, I had visited a total of seven countries in my lifetime. Since then, I’ve visited 16 more. While browsing travel books at a bookstore yesterday, I read the introduction to The Best American Travel Writing 2008and found a quote that I believe explained why I was feeling like I was. Does this quote speak to you too?

“…travel can become a compulsion. It keeps us away from friends and loved ones – even when we’re back. When I’m away, I often yearn for home. When I’m home, I’m listless. I seem no longer to fit. History and literature are filled with characters who see Asia, or Venice, and can never go back to the way they were.” -Anthony Bourdain

via Hart’s Smiling All Over the World

F— Intolerance, this is ‘merica.

7 11 2010

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, I get it. But what really gets me going is how intolerant people are still allowed the right to the press.

Recent facebook status:

“The mosque near ground zero, I say let them build it. But across the street, we should put a topless bar called, “You Mecca Me Hot”. Next to that, a gay bar called, “The Turban Cowboy”. And next to that, a pork-rib restaurant called,” Iraq o’ Ribs”. And a check cashing center called, “Iran out of Money…” Lets see who… is really tolerant! Post if you agree!!! F— TOLERANCE”

I edited the last 3/4 of that F bomb out for humanity’s sake, but let me get down to what gets me the most frustrated. “Let THEM build it…” “WE should blah blah blah…” Why does it always have to be a matter of “us vs. them?” Sure, there are also a few sharp cuts of snarky religious banter, but that’s just mindless indifference. By the way, I’ve also never heard anyone outside the western world say “Iran” like it was an Apple product.

I may have also been a bit harsh in naming my friend’s husband a certain feminine product… but I’ve been seeing TOO MUCH HATRED and too many indifferent people in my community. Recently, Pacific University faced some hateful messages written in chalk at night all over the campus, targeting sexual minorities, Muslims and others. This is my home. How dare you be an ass at my house. My friends Chris and Kayla from the Center for Gender Equity put together an effort to counter the hatred with encouraging messages and it put off this amazing vibe all day on campus.

See the video after the jump for a real way to “F— intolerance.” (Video via koin.com found here.)

Please, be nice to each other.

Rapid fire

15 10 2010

There are a few things I wanted to share with the world that I’ve found online lately. Here goes.

– NY Times blog: “The Crisis of the Humanities Officially Arrives”
I hope that this doesn’t mean my degree is obsolete.

– The amazingness that is the Neapolitan Wonder: Don’t Trust Me

Numbers and Charts from research at OkCupid. Hateful things need to stop in politics.

–  Cycling for Water: 
My friend Garrett (one of the awesome people on the Ecuador trip) and his friend Brittany are riding bicycles across the country to raise money for Water Aid. Amazing pictures and a great cause- donate to their project! 

– F— Hate. This is not safe for those who dislike the F bomb, but awesome nonetheless.

– It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, big or little, girl, boy, man or woman, being bullied is never okay. Get help from somebody you trust.

These articles should induce a NATIONAL FACEPALM.

30 09 2010

Facepalm, according to urbandictionary.com:

The act of dropping one’s face / forehead into one’s hand. Usually accompanied by a “thunk” or a cry of “D’oh!” Usually written between asteriks in online conversation, to demonstrate an action. Similar to *headdesk*
example: Today I locked my keys in my car. Again. *facepalm*

One of the Indonesian English daily papers that I read on occasion is The Jakarta Globe. It’s usually a little bit more straight to the point than the candy coated Jakarta Post. I don’t know how I feel about the posts I’ve been reading lately.

I really thought the country has been making some social progress that somewhat parallels the changes in human rights laws we have here in America. Apparently not all Indonesian national leaders share the same forward movement. These are the public leaders that pay for prostitutes, embezzle money, then say that facebook is as sinful as pornography, which is illegal in Indonesia. Let’s see what kind of circle we get to run in today.

Here are a few titles that were posted, showing that some people clearly have a world view than… the rest of the world? Click on the titles to see the actual articles. Read the comments at the bottom. Some are pretty interesting, but at the same time a pretty accurate representation of the split in ideology of the nation.

“Indonesia Rejects Proposal to Subject Girls to Virginity Tests”
“Indonesian Lesbian Breaks Underage Lover Out of Sexual Orientation Classes”

“Bicycle Bomber No Terror Expert, Bekasi Police Say” 

Two words can sum this up along with a chuckle, simultaneous feeling of frustration and confidence that things will change for the better, and a knowing head shake:
“Oh Indonesia.”

I want one of these in Oregon, stat!

30 09 2010

Yeah! High score!

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