Pomegranate Ginger Lemonade

4 03 2012

One of my favorite things I learned from working at Kyllo’s was how to make Candi’s delicious, delicious pomegranate ginger juice. Well, I found POM in Korea last week and decided it was time to try it out, Korea style.

I scoured the shelves of a few different stores for juices that weren’t too sweet, and after a year of trial and FAIL, I found a few that I wanted to play around with.

I found a pomegranate juice made by Lotte, but it is pretty sweet and diluted, Sunkist Lemonade, and a white grape juice that turned out to be closer to simple syrup than anything else.

I borrowed Jessica’s brave little blender and scrubbed off all the dirt on the half kilo of fresh ginger I got from one of the local markets. I broke it up and blended it until it was on the coarser side of pulpy. When I opened the blender, it was an overwhelming smell of ginger. If you know me, it’s one of the flavors I can literally consume constantly. Ginger tea is almost a daily thing for me. I dropped $5 on 5 ginger cookies that were more licorice than ginger, but still thoroughly enjoyed them. The whoooosh of the burn made me want to make ginger lemon bars. That recipe has been taunting me for months. Alas, it was nearly midnight, and I was making juice.

I boiled the ginger in about 1.5 liters of water for about 30 minutes, then let it sit to cool for a bit.

In a big pot, I mixed the bottle of lemonade, the bottle of POM, the Lotte pomegranate juice, and just a glug of the white grape juice. It was a good mix of tart and a little sweet. The closer I can get to tart flavors, the better. I strained off the ginger chunks and mixed in some of the gingered water, which with a spoonful burned on the way down like it was spiked with something. It was hot. Awesome. Then I added some more.

After everything was bottled, I made some black tea and mixed in some of the spicy goodness. It isn’t cheap to make here, but it is delicious and I’ll definitely be making it again!!



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