Komusta from the Philippines!!

8 08 2011

Hey all!

I really haven’t updated much, but that’s because there’s just been a lot of deskwarming and classes, so not much to tell. However, my friend Lauren sent me a message on Facebook about Bali… which brought us to the discovery that we had the same vacation dates, and the discovery that Bali was too expensive to get to for this last minute vacation. Through scouring the flight sites, we found a cheap ticket for her, and then it became us. That was never a plan before that fateful facebook chat.

I’m impulsive, and I know it. I am a Phillips.

It was a really last minute decision (like 3 days before the flight last minute) and so far, it has been totally worth it! Our whole first day was in Busan, because that’s where the flight was from. Our train was super early, as it was the only one still available, while the flight was late at night (we landed just before 1 AM.) We killed time in cafes and a Lotte department store. After all, we had about 7 hours to burn.

When we got to Cebu airport, it was a little overwhelming and disorienting. We just needed a taxi that wasn’t going to rip us off hardcore, like all the books and blogs told about. Strangely, the taxi we took, which was a local metered taxi, was a lot cheaper than the fixed rate guys (almost $5 cheaper.) We stayed at Cebu Guesthouse, which was about as basic as you can get in a sketch “historic and traditional” neighborhood. But hey, for $6 per night, you can’t expect much! It was kind of funny seeing Lauren’s reaction to a few things, but that’s mostly because she’s never been in travel situations like I have. I think she’s more of the all-inclusive/no-bug-net-needed breed.

We had planned on splitting the trip between Bohol and Boracay, a little yin and yang to our travel types. Bohol has my kind of places, and is a little more rugged, and everywhere you look, people are singing praises about the diving. OBVIOUSLY I would want to go there, since well, the last time I went diving was over a year ago in Thailand, and one of them left scars.

Mind you, we’re only here for 5 days/5 nights. We had heard that flights to Boracay are super cheap and leave from Cebu almost every hour. That would have meant that we’d spend Sunday-Tuesday AM in Bohol and leave Tuesday afternoon for Boracay, returning mid-Thursday for our flight home. However, prices for the flights to Boracay have somehow managed to get jacked up, at nearly $250 round trip. Nope. I’m not going to drop that much money for literally a day and a half.

Lauren isn’t diving/snorkeling, so she says that she’s bored. I still don’t know what we’ll do for the next few days, but I’m fine here. I’m on a beach. I went diving today and it was pretty awesome, it’s sunny and cooler than Korea, and the people are pretty nice. All around wins!! I’m thinking we’ll rent a motorbike tomorrow and go check out the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Preservation Center. It looked like it was going to rain this afternoon, so we pushed off that plan from today. So we chilled at the beach and got pedicures. Life is so hard for travelers here.


It’s a cake walk.

Life is awesome. 

AND I saw my first frog fish today. It was white and hiding in some coral. It looked creepy as hell! Google it.


You’ll get pictures when I get home!

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