I feel like a worksheet making MACHINE

30 06 2011



Care to use a couple fun ESL worksheets? Well here are two that I made today while deskwarming and watching youtube videos. One is for “Oktapodi,” an adorable short film about octopi in Greece. Click here for the worksheet: Oktopodi Worksheet.

Here’s the video:


And I also made one for the Pixar clip, “For the Birds.” My kids are going to learn about being bullies and how it comes back to bite you in the ass. Here’s the worksheet: “For the Birds” worksheet.

And here’s the video for that:






Nothing like being underwater on a hot day…

27 06 2011

Legit swimming pools: they’re really hard to find. Monsoon season hit my beloved little city last week and I think it may have decided to take it easy today. Right now, Yongin is hot and muggy, and it feels like the tropical rainforest… just minus the trees, animals and delicious fruit. As stuffy as it is, it makes me want to hit up a pool like no other.

A few weeks ago, Laura, Jessica and I decided to check out the pool at the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon, Seoul. It was one of the only pools we could find, plus it was on the roof of a tall building, so there was going to be some sun in order. Not to mention that Itaewon is Little America, so there wouldn’t be a lot of criticism of swim wear like there is everywhere else. Also, it was an Adjumma free zone. No perms, track suits or flying elbows to be found.

It was pretty pricey to get in at W16,000, but it was a nice hot day so it was worth it. It was pretty hilarious for people watching. You have the Korean body builder guys in Speedos workin’ on their fitness, the Korean girls wearing bikinis, but covered in a shirt, hat and sunglasses under an umbrella, and then you have the Waygooks. We’re all shapes and sizes, and if we’re by a pool, we’re getting tan and just maybe a little drunk.

Believe me, with some of the people there, the beer in hand rule applied BIG TIME. It was hilarious to see some of these people. Lots of US military guys and an international slow-pitch softball team from St. Louis. They gave Laura a lot of crap for her STL tattoo on her arm, which was a funny story in and of itself. The funniest part of my day (mostly because it wasn’t directed at me) was the um, ridiculously well-endowed Marine in a poor choice of swimwear who caught Jessica checking him out. Once he noticed her, he proceeded to follow her like a puppy and hit on her for most of the afternoon.

“You’re so hot. Your eyes are so exotic.” Blah blah blah. (Please push play on the link.)
“Yeah, and I’m smart. And rich. Really rich.”

Was she provoking him or directly making fun of his failed attempts? I think a little of both. Either way, it was funny to me and Laura.

Back to serious matters. Two things from that trip that I didn’t understand. 1) Why on Earth would a man wear a flossy little G-string to a pool? and 2) If you’re going to pay $16 to go to a pool, why don’t you get in the pool? Maybe it’s me being the aquatic type, but I didn’t get it. Although I was really glad that Mr. Flossy of G-string fame steered clear of the water…


Jessica and Laura at the Hamilton Hotel pool

Make it happen, Cap’n– err, Robocop.

23 06 2011

I want this to happen to the next kid who swears in my class.

One big problem I have at my school, and all over the place with kids in Korea, is that they swear like sailors. I’ve made it a rule that if I hear a bad word in English, the student must stand at the back of the classroom holding up a desk. Yes, a desk.

It’s like the swear jar, but worse. 4 minutes for a 4-letter word. It’s gotten a little bit better, but there are still the kids who insist on running around yelling “Oh SHIT!” when their friends are chasing them in the hallway at break.

My current project of the day is learning the proper way to say, “If your mother knew what you just said, she would murder you.” This was actually brought about by being sick and tired of the 3rd grade ELEMENTARY school boy next door who yells out the window, “Hey man, F*** you!” every day when I walk by. Teachers obviously don’t pay much attention to the bombs being dropped in English every 5 seconds. The sad part is that the teachers all know what the kids are saying, but just ignore it.

Teachers out there, what do you do to combat swearing in class? Help me out here!


You Gotta Fight (BAM BAM) For Right… for AAAaaiiiiiiirrrrrr-CON!

22 06 2011

I get it, I get it. I fail as a blogger and you have not been entertained by my ridiculous stories for over 2 months.

Well, I’m busy living the life… Sweating it out, if you will.

Yesterday was summer solstice, and today, monsoon season reared its ugly head. I know a lot of you have kept up pretty well on the apartment issue, but let me catch you up. Somehow the crazy recluse who lived here before me managed to melt the insides of the air conditioner. Yes. Melt.  The air-con repair guy came in, tore it apart, and his face got all twisted up. I have never seen a Korean so confused. Thankfully my co-teacher was there to explain that no, Dani didn’t melt it, but she would like to use it. Well, lucky for me he unplugged the thing and said “Ha-ji-ma,” which basically means “Don’t do that.” He said that the entire unit will have to be replaced, so the earliest we could get somebody in would be 3 weeks from then. That would put me at, oh, July 11th. I have one fan, but it doesn’t do much. Mrs. Lee gave me that half shrug, half “that really sucks for you” look.

Well crap. My apartment is already poorly ventilated, and it got so muggy today that when I came home, my bunny was panting (BTW I rescued a bunny from certain doom. More on that later.) and three stalks on my monster mint plant (it’s over 2 feet tall.) were wilted. (Man, I really need to update you guys more often!) My blankets on my bed felt damp. This is not good. Right now they’re dry, but I’m going to have to be ridiculously tedious to make sure my apartment is mold free. I already have to mop/vacuum/sweep almost daily because it gets so dusty… Curse you China and your Yellow Dust!!!

Moving on.

Next day, we find out that the apartment building doesn’t own the AC unit. It isn’t owned by the school, either. It is owned by the city, who pays for my housing, and more importantly my salary as well. We call the office to find out about replacing the thing, but Korean Process wins again. There is a contract that says the city won’t buy a new one until Fall 2012. Over a year from now. This is 2011, and it is frigging hot out. It has been so hot that since April I’ve been sleeping on top of the blankets.

Next step: You need to read about FAN DEATH, the Korean superstition that today, hopefully worked to my advantage. 

When talking to the older crowd in the admin office, I mentioned that it is so hot that I keep my fan on ALL NIGHT LONG. I could potentially die from fan death. Better watch it, or you’ll have a potentially sticky situation. Ha. I really hope that one worked, because right now it’s 1 AM and it is so hot in my apartment that I can’t sleep. I’ll update you as I hear more back. Cross your fingers and think cold thoughts for me… And my overheated bunny with a really exciting name: Tokki. (토끼. It means “rabbit.”)

I’ll have more pictures and stories up next week, as I’ll have a lot more deskwarming time ahead!

This is my bunny, Tokki, when I first got him 2 months ago. He's much bigger now!



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