I Stand In Solidarity With People.

15 03 2011

We are all people. We have needs, wants, and disasters. We are good, but also sometimes easily corrupted. We are fragile, bold and mortal.

Right now, I just want to take a moment to remind everybody that no matter how crazy this world gets, we are all the same. We are people. We should feel obligated to help each other out in times of crisis. I don’t mean that in a brute force military overthrow kind of way, either. I mean encouraging words, acceptance and support, whether it be moral or financial. If you have more than you need, as most of us do, do good. Volunteer, donate your time or materials, whatever. Just do something. And don’t tell people “no” because they believe differently than you. That’s not fair to them, and when the tables are turned, you’re going to regret it.

One piece of advice before I head off to class, taken from the brilliant film, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,”

Be excellent to each other.


Party on, dudes!



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