Remember that coin toss I mentioned before?

27 01 2011

Yeah, we’re looking at heads instead of tails.

Heads: FML. Tails: Smooth Sailing.

I received my visa number from my school on Tuesday, and started to prepare my documents to send to Seattle. Mychaela called just to confirm everything we needed to send so that we could get the final ball rolling in this whole painful process.


We do, in fact have to go to Seattle. She was told that because we were given a number instead of a returned, signed copy of our contracts and a letter of appointment, we would have to go to Seattle for an interview that takes 5 minutes. I get to drive for 10 hours for a 5 minute interview.

Five. Minutes. No alternatives.

It’s a good thing there’s no school next week, or you know, I might miss a day of work.
Aaah, to have a consistent income again. I can’t wait.

So Tuesday, I get to go visit the Korean Consulate in Seattle. I’m hoping to see some family and friends before I go while I’m up there. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we get our passports returned to us in one piece!

this side makes life easy.


Think good thoughts for us! Hope for tails!



One response

28 01 2011
joanie helms

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully there will be lots of fun besides the 5 minute interview!

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