Is this really a huge issue? Tips for the Korean E-2 Visa Consular Interview

5 01 2011

This is the email I received from my recruiter, unchanged. I find it hilarious.

Personal Interview at the Korean Consulate
You might be wondering, and in some cases… worrying about the Personal Interview which you will need to schedule and pass at the Korean Consulate. The Interview is intended to eliminate any candidates who are deemed unsuitable by the consulate’s standards.

Some of the things the Korean Government is concerned about are drug use, criminal record, mental health, education and employment history, and your general intentions for going to Korea to teach. The most important ones to watch out for are the drug related questions.

Some of the questions our applicants have been asked by the consulate include:

“Have you ever used drugs or had a drug problem?”
“Have you ever had an alcohol problem?”
“Does anyone you know do drugs?”
“How do you know if someone is high on drugs?”

The obvious answer to the questions would be “No” as any wavering on a reply might have them doubting you. Korean society has absolutely no tolerance for drugs (ignoring the fact that alcoholism is a rampant social problem) and any admittance to their use will be looked at unfavorably. Please treat these questions very seriously, even if they seem unnecessary. However, also keep in mind that you will need to pass a medical exam in Korea, including a drug test once you arrive. If there is something in your past that you’re worried about, please let us know right away.

Recently, some applicants have been asked questions about their general knowledge about Korea and why they believe they will be good teachers to the children. It is a good idea to give this a thought before the interview, and perhaps a good personal exercise in determining how ready you are to take on this adventure.

The interview itself takes only a few minutes and should progress very quickly. We have not encountered any problems as of yet and none of our teachers have been declined based on the interview.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us right away.


Seriously? Apparently ESL teachers have a high rate of alcoholism or drug related issues… haha.



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