Fellow Travelers, Does This Quote Describe You Too? (via Hart’s Smiling All Over the World)

28 12 2010

I agree with this wholeheartedly.

Anthony Bourdain, you hit the nail on the head.
Take me out to dinner?

Happy holidays everyone! I’m still in the USA. If JFK airport opens and runs on schedule, tomorrow I will be leaving to return back to Japan. I came back to the USA full of hope and cheer. Yet, in less than a week, I began wishing I had went somewhere tropical for the holidays; started a new adventure in a foreign place; and had two weeks full of memories. I was happy to see family and friends, yes, but there was something inside of me that couldn’t seem to fully embrace the happiness I normally feel when I visit Ohio. When I was last here in August 2009, I had visited a total of seven countries in my lifetime. Since then, I’ve visited 16 more. While browsing travel books at a bookstore yesterday, I read the introduction to The Best American Travel Writing 2008and found a quote that I believe explained why I was feeling like I was. Does this quote speak to you too?

“…travel can become a compulsion. It keeps us away from friends and loved ones – even when we’re back. When I’m away, I often yearn for home. When I’m home, I’m listless. I seem no longer to fit. History and literature are filled with characters who see Asia, or Venice, and can never go back to the way they were.” -Anthony Bourdain

via Hart’s Smiling All Over the World




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