These articles should induce a NATIONAL FACEPALM.

30 09 2010

Facepalm, according to

The act of dropping one’s face / forehead into one’s hand. Usually accompanied by a “thunk” or a cry of “D’oh!” Usually written between asteriks in online conversation, to demonstrate an action. Similar to *headdesk*
example: Today I locked my keys in my car. Again. *facepalm*

One of the Indonesian English daily papers that I read on occasion is The Jakarta Globe. It’s usually a little bit more straight to the point than the candy coated Jakarta Post. I don’t know how I feel about the posts I’ve been reading lately.

I really thought the country has been making some social progress that somewhat parallels the changes in human rights laws we have here in America. Apparently not all Indonesian national leaders share the same forward movement. These are the public leaders that pay for prostitutes, embezzle money, then say that facebook is as sinful as pornography, which is illegal in Indonesia. Let’s see what kind of circle we get to run in today.

Here are a few titles that were posted, showing that some people clearly have a world view than… the rest of the world? Click on the titles to see the actual articles. Read the comments at the bottom. Some are pretty interesting, but at the same time a pretty accurate representation of the split in ideology of the nation.

“Indonesia Rejects Proposal to Subject Girls to Virginity Tests”
“Indonesian Lesbian Breaks Underage Lover Out of Sexual Orientation Classes”

“Bicycle Bomber No Terror Expert, Bekasi Police Say” 

Two words can sum this up along with a chuckle, simultaneous feeling of frustration and confidence that things will change for the better, and a knowing head shake:
“Oh Indonesia.”



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