These articles should induce a NATIONAL FACEPALM.

30 09 2010

Facepalm, according to

The act of dropping one’s face / forehead into one’s hand. Usually accompanied by a “thunk” or a cry of “D’oh!” Usually written between asteriks in online conversation, to demonstrate an action. Similar to *headdesk*
example: Today I locked my keys in my car. Again. *facepalm*

One of the Indonesian English daily papers that I read on occasion is The Jakarta Globe. It’s usually a little bit more straight to the point than the candy coated Jakarta Post. I don’t know how I feel about the posts I’ve been reading lately.

I really thought the country has been making some social progress that somewhat parallels the changes in human rights laws we have here in America. Apparently not all Indonesian national leaders share the same forward movement. These are the public leaders that pay for prostitutes, embezzle money, then say that facebook is as sinful as pornography, which is illegal in Indonesia. Let’s see what kind of circle we get to run in today.

Here are a few titles that were posted, showing that some people clearly have a world view than… the rest of the world? Click on the titles to see the actual articles. Read the comments at the bottom. Some are pretty interesting, but at the same time a pretty accurate representation of the split in ideology of the nation.

“Indonesia Rejects Proposal to Subject Girls to Virginity Tests”
“Indonesian Lesbian Breaks Underage Lover Out of Sexual Orientation Classes”

“Bicycle Bomber No Terror Expert, Bekasi Police Say” 

Two words can sum this up along with a chuckle, simultaneous feeling of frustration and confidence that things will change for the better, and a knowing head shake:
“Oh Indonesia.”

I want one of these in Oregon, stat!

30 09 2010

Yeah! High score!

Help me to help others

28 09 2010

Hi everybody!

I know I haven’t been the most superb blogger lately, but that can be attributed to a lot of things… a short attention span for one. Anyway, I had a phone call that really got to me the other day. I’ve been getting  a lot of rejection calls and emails from various organizations, schools and businesses after I apply for a job lately. Apparently the job market is über competitive right now; I’m facing that head on. My “seasonal” position was cut short by the return of the owner’s kid. Family first, right? It was much earlier than I thought, but for the last month I have been searching for a job that is relevant and meaningful. I didn’t pay almost six figures to wait tables, I did it so I can make a difference.

Well that’s been hard without a job. In the past, when I was stable enough to do so, I made a donation to my favorite Oregon NGO, MercyCorps. (Working there would actually be my dream job, but I’m in no way qualified to do that right now. One day I will!) It may be just a small donation, but I was able to give something and know that I wouldn’t be in the red. That isn’t the case right now. I have loans to pay and limited savings.

When I got a phone call from a man with a deep, boxing announcer-esque voice, he told me in pretty good detail what the majority of funds and efforts are going to. Haiti, which is recovering at a rate significantly slower than anyone expected for the outpouring of relief efforts, and Pakistan, which has received almost ZERO coverage in the media for the massive flooding that has started in July and continues today. UN estimates say that there are between 6-8 million people that are without basic necessities: food, water, shelter and medical care.  I just don’t find that reasonable. Yes, there’s a massive flood. Yes, there are millions of people displaced. However, aid needs to get on the ground and to the people who need it most NOW.

I knew that the phone call wasn’t to tell me that I got my dream job, it was to ask for a donation. It truly broke my heart that at that moment, I couldn’t actually say yes to a donation. I know that not all of us can make a direct donation of straight up money, but there are ways to support organizations like MercyCorps while making a purchase. Partner programs with and Powell’s Books give a percentage of the sale price to the organization without any cost to you as a consumer.

I’m going to somewhat install myself as a middle man. I’ve created my own partner program with Powell’s Books, and if you shop on their website while going through any of the links on the right, either buying or selling online, my website will generate a small percentage of the sale.

I am going to donate the proceeds from any sale on the Powell’s website to MercyCorps, and the money will be used where it is needed most. So order away, guilt free. You’re doing a good deed in getting the entire Harry Potter series before the final two films come out. Stock up for the gift-giving holiday of your choice, and rest assured that a portion is going to an organization that truly makes a difference.

Summer: business as usual.

2 09 2010

Except not.

I came home from a wonderful experience in SE Asia to a place that literally only changed with a single coat of paint on the building at The Accidental Tourist. Going from a world that actually changes on a daily basis to a place that hasn’t really done too much for itself (besides installing stupid decorative curbs in unnecessary places) in the past 5 years really hits you hard.

It was really like I had never left.

I went back to work at Kyllo’s, the same restaurant that I’ve been working at for 5 summers, waiting tables and continually waiting for “real summer” to hit. It never did. This weekend is Labor Day Weekend, the monumental end of summer party weekend and Mom’s birthday. Game over. Sorry bank account. This isn’t like the summer of ’08. That summer made you fat and happy.

Over the summer, I got back into the swing of knowing what the regulars order, learned some funny things about people (and how they never change), and did a lot of crossword puzzles with Trish (look at the bottom photo). One slow night, I was just hanging out, chatting with one of my favorite regulars, Larry, and a couple who had obviously just got a new game on their phone. Trivia. Sweet.

There were so many questions that most people wouldn’t know, but I did. It felt like a moment from Slumdog Millionaire. Know how I knew? I experienced something relevant to the question while I was doing ____ thing in ____ place.

Apparently, the chick with the phone drinking mojitos was impressed. She got a little loud and asked the bartender, Ashley, “How does she know this? Nobody knows this shit!”

I got a little inspired by Ashley’s response, “Dani travels.”
It was as if that was all that was needed to be said. As if it explained everything. I know your random trivia from your Droid game BECAUSE I TRAVEL!

It took a couple weeks for that statement to really kick in. It really has a lot to do with who I am. And lately, since I’ve been back in the one part of the world where I swear, the Earth doesn’t turn, I haven’t been on any meaningful adventures. Sure, I’ve gone hiking and kayaking with friends and family, but I know that I’m not making a difference, learning or doing something new. I’m in a rut.

I hate ruts.


I think getting told that after this week I no longer have a job at Kyllo’s was somewhat of an inspiration. I have nothing to tie me down here. I have no lease, no contracts, nothing. I just need a job. I have a car. I can go. I really can. Sharon and Jill told me to go to Ithaca, Carrie.

Game on.

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