So I’ve been home for a month.

4 08 2010

I’ve been searching and searching for a job that is somewhat relevant to what I want to do in life.
There’s only one problem…

I don’t know what that is.

So I’ve been applying for EVERYTHING that is entry level and interesting. I finally got a call back from a school in Solo, Indonesia, after about 30 rejection emails (See the old post about “Things that are not okay,” and you’ll see that generic rejection is high on my list.) I was jumping for joy at the fact that I was actually told “maybe.”

Well, I shouldn’t have gotten so excited. I sent the school my resume, a CV, a photo, all sorts of information, and then when the actual interview came up, it was as if this lady just looked at my picture.
The picture was of me and the girls from X-4 that was in the Jawa Pos, so maybe that’s all she needed to see.
However, “You have a degree in TESOL, right?” Umm, no. On my resume, it says that I have a degree in Modern Language. “But it says here that you taught English for a year in Indonesia.” Yes, but I was on a different program… [seriously, how did these two connect?]
Confusion aside, there was a job offered, but it wasn’t enough to cover the monthly meltdown of student loans. I can’t wait to get rid of those things!

Maybe next time, Indo… I miss you.




One response

5 08 2010
joanie helms

Hi Dani,

Check with your university and or the institution that gave you loans (federal or state) as they may have “forgiveness” policies if you work in low income or third world countries, if they do, they will have a list of the places and how to get them the information so you can survive on the low pay and not have to make loan payments (they did this for part of my loans when I started working in Lincoln City!)

We love you!

The Helms Family

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