This woman is “untamed” and she’s pissed. (Highly opinionated, possibly offensive post. You’ve been warned.)

6 05 2010

I heard a seriously tragic statistic a couple weeks ago during a Kartini Day film screening about women’s rights and women’s health in Indonesia.

Nearly 80% of women in Indonesia have been subjected to some form of female circumcision.

Eighty percent.


Some say that it’s an Islamic tradition (not law) to “honor the woman.” Some say that it was a tradition that was in Indonesia before Islam. It’s considered “harmless” by many, and used to “tame the woman and her sexual desires and make her preferable for her husband.”

Preferable? Come on.

Frankly, I think it is completely unnecessary. Slicing off/open part of a young girl’s clitoris is just damaging, no matter how you look at it.  You body is perfect the way God made it. Let it be, and quit telling girls their NORMAL body parts are dirty, sinful or even masculine.

What’s wrong with what God gave us? Nothing.

I’m reading up on it, but does that 80% statistic scare you as much as it does me?



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7 05 2010

I’m so glad you posted something about this! One of my teachers was talking about this, and I was like, “You aren’t ALL CIRCUMSIZED?!” And she was like, “Yes, every Muslim girl here is.” I… have no idea. It can’t be like the kind we always here about, is it? The teachers said it’s different and in no way affects their sexual desires, but I find that hard to believe. Let me know what you find out!

7 05 2010

OK Miss Dani,

You can’t save the world by yourself. Yes that is cruel, but there are things/customs/culture, like that everywhere. Here, we lock people in padded cells and call them crazies which is where you are going to be if you don’t be careful. Love you!!!

10 05 2010

Mom, you’re about to induce one of those rants like when you sent me that “Obama is a terrorist” email. I can rant about mutilating bodies all I want. I can also rant about womens’ rights and the fact that they’re working for rights and liberties in Indonesia like our country did in the early 1900s.

Beware of free thinking rants!

10 05 2010

And Katie, it is exactly like what you always hear about. Not “as bad” as Africa like we hear about, but there’s some slicing and dicing going on. I sent Carrie an email after we heard about it. I’ll send it to you. GRRR.

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