Palm reading in the teachers lounge

6 05 2010

Pak Edi just told me a lot about myself.

“Give me your left hand… No, right.” I hand him left as he says it, then my right hand. “No, the other one.”

He looks at my hand, pinches my fingertips and frowns.

“Hmm.” Is that a good “hmm,” or a bad one?

He gestures for my left hand, also. Lining the two of them up based on the lines of my hands, he twists and pinches a “Hmm”s some more. This must be serious business for all the “hmm”ing going on.

I’m trying to understand what he’s saying, but I’m getting nothing. Javanese will do that sometimes. Bu Lisa translates for me. “You’re not very good with money. You spend too much when you should be saving. You’re clever, a leader when needed, and you’re not neat.”

“I’m not neat?”

“I mean you’re a mess.”

Well now. Thank you for that. I know I’ve been a little stressed lately, but–

“I’m sorry! I’msorrysorrysorry.  I meant to say that you’re messy. Like your bedroom is messy.”  That definitely clears things up. It’s true, I can’t deny that one. I AM my mother’s daughter. Her other daughter is the same, too.



One response

7 05 2010

Hey Now!!!!! I don’t think my room is messy. I’m sure neither you or your sister learned that from me. Love you anyway!!!!

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