Things that are not okay

29 04 2010

– whitening cream
– innocent looking bars of soap that, oh, wait. there’s whitener.
– not eating street food (this is a direct rip on a US Embassy employee.)
– bad pronunciation due to cultural indifference (Direct rip on a second US Embassy employee. Seriously, you’ve lived here for how long and you STILL pronounce the name Putri, which is quite possibly the MOST COMMON NAME IN INDONESIA like the word putrid? SERIOUSLY??)
– cultural indifference
– dueling out of tune guitars
– little kids screeching on microphones (sometimes)
– whitening cream vendors who physically attack with above noted whitening cream
– phlegm (although I love the spelling.)
– my current ailment: THE FLU!
– cultural sites being whored out for money (read: Bali)
– generic rejection “Dear applicant…”
– Students that don’t understand the concept of genocide, civil rights or know about the Holocaust
– “Haha, he has black skin! He’s so ugly!” Direct quote from some of my students. Guess who learned about Martin Luther King Jr. during the next class?
– When family members are in the ICU and I can’t be there. (Get well soon Gramma!)
– Ibu Grinch. I’m gonna take a picture of her soon. You’ll soon see a face with the name. She also decided to steal my chairs and my remote for my air conditioner. My room then turned into a brick oven since I couldn’t turn it on. I sat outside until dark, then Ennik came home, saw what was going on, realized I didn’t have a phone, and came back with a fan.

Indonesian word of the day: sakit. (Sick.)
Use: Saya sakit. (I’m sick.)

Sorry, sick and stressed Dani likes to complain in lists. Maaf.



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