My CouchSurfer amigos are helping with the new roots… and the lack of.

14 12 2009

We sang this a couple weeks ago when we went out for karaoke at Happy Puppy. Yes, the karaoke bar is called Happy Puppy. It just makes you want to go there, doesn’t it?

Well, other than Khadijah, my social life has been slowly branching out with the help of making new friends through CouchSurfing. Kelsey, Lupi, Glo, Leo, Ellie, David, May, Winda, Rowan (when she was here) and the crew have all been amazing friends since the get-go, helping me get started here. The crazy thing? I’m now considering staying in Surabaya and working with EF. Maybe. There are a few things that are starting to get my attention, like Spain… and Oregon. What to do, what to do?

An old friend from high school added me on facebook and chatted with me last night. I haven’t heard a peep from Kyle in over 3 years. Now he’s married, has a son, and is in Iraq with the US Army. One thing that we could agree on was that the longer you’re away from Oregon, the more you appreciate it. And you all know how I get overly attached to people, but I can’t stay in one place for too long. (I know, it makes no sense.) So this week, I’m working on applications all over the place for teaching English again, and the winner wins. However, if the visa plan is as crappy as the one to work in Spain, the winner might lose. Aaargh indecision! Somebody just pick one for me. Tell me what to do!

Alright, I’m off to make some activity sheets for class tomorrow. Peace out girl scouts!




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18 01 2010

I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Carol Hess of Lincoln City referred me to it–she’s a friend. I lived in Indonesia for 19 years but on another island. The photos of the lagoon are beautiful.

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