Lady Foreigner meets the Ministry of Education

9 12 2009

You must click here. Click to the last page, page 44, then read the article out loud. “Wanita bule” means “lady foreigner.”

You’ll see what I’ve been up to with that.

Just kidding. I was teaching with Miss Ennik when the Ministers of Education comes in for a visit. The whole show our school put on was a freaking circus. Everybody was stressed, nervous, some of the teachers cried. Students of all ages put on a show. Middle schoolers were dancing a traditional dance from Banda Aceh, the elementary school kids had marching band uniforms to the nines with their little drums, and the high school students were waving flags like it was going out of style. Medina was really nervous, but her students pulled through and were able to explain mitosis in English (it was Monday, so all classes are conducted in English.) Somehow the principal still got ticked with her because she also got pushed out of the way (see rant below). Because she didn’t “fight back to stand with the ministers,” and “weak” and blah blah blah… You’re still a rock star in my book, Medina!

Oh, and their paparazzi can kiss my bule you-know-what. If somebody’s teaching a class, you don’t walk in, physically push them out of the way, and then expect them to smile and have their picture taken while pretending to continue the lesson. Bite me, photogs.




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