Mom and Jeremy think I have swine flu…

4 11 2009

I don’t want to believe it. I don’t actually think I do… hmm.

I’m going to Bali this weekend! No pig flu!

Last night I was sicker than a dog, but after sleeping for 24 hours, I feel fine again. Seriously, I took a “nap” yesterday afternoon, woke up and got sick  every hour or so from 4 in the afternoon until about midnight. That legitimately SUCKED.

I am so thankful for Ennik. She came home last night to find me at my worst. When I was headed from the bathroom back to my room, I passed out standing up. Next thing I remember is her sitting there with my head in her lap trying to get me to wake up. That moment, when I realized what had happened, was probably one of the scariest moments of my life. After getting myself cleaned up and into bed, I was OUT. I had a fever, so I slept with the AC on full blast without the covers, only a sheet from time to time. I know now that the mosquitoes in my room are surely fat and happy. I’m paying for that one now.

I didn’t go to school today, and if I’m not back to 100% tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll be going then either. I really don’t want to share this lovely experience with anybody else.

Another reason why Ennik is amazing: I went out to go to the bathroom and looked over at the dining room table. There’s a get-well card, a bottle of guava juice, a loaf of french bread and some veggies. I don’t know what I’d do without her around 🙂



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4 11 2009


I am sorry that you are not feeling well. I really enjoy reading your blogs, I get to live vicariously through you. haha. Brandon’s daughter Kristina told me last night that she wants to be just like you, always inspiring. Take care.

5 11 2009

Hey Dani,

I had something like that, though not quite so bad. I threw up a lot on night, had a fever the next day (and my power went out repeatedly so it was HOT), but by the next day I was basically fine. Hopefully you have a similar thing? Bread is good, maybe see if someone will bring you a sprite. Remember to stay hydrated!

10 11 2009

Being sick sucks! Love your pictures…send more Love ya Carla

11 11 2009
Alana Kansaku-Sarmiento

omg, you passed out standing up??? that’s so intense. It would probably be way up there in my scariest-experience folder too. Hope you’re feeling better! Who is Ennik? She sounds amazingly nice. Miss and love you! I’m so glad you can post these blogs, it helps with the distance. 🙂

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