Sitting here in Surabaya… with the power out.

5 10 2009

But strangely we still have internet. I didn’t have a connection for 3 days, but now that the power’s out, it works. Go figure.

Ennik and I are trying to decide on dinner, but we both just snacked on some rocking plums and carrots. Great stuff, I tell you. Street food it is! I’m so glad that I’m finally immune to the… um… wonders of street food carts. Awesome spring rolls and noodles for a whopping 50 cents US. So worth the week of tortured intestines in Bandung. I’m starting to think of foods that are $2.00 as expensive. I think I’m going native!

The past week has been a pretty crazy one. Yesterday Carrie and Courtney showed up for Cassie’s birthday shin dig, and we played in the pool like little kids. Water-basketball is amazing. I also made a cake, but without an oven. We made a black forest chocolate cake using only boiling water to cook. That was a pretty sweet cake if I might say so! It was definitely a gift giving day, since I gave Ennik the book I got for her. After what went on today, it was definitely for the best that I gave her present to her last night.

Oh, and I like riding the motorbikes here MUCH better than any other form of transportation. Much quicker, too. Cooler, as well. I got kind of attached to the hokey helmet we borrowed from the security office. Pink and rusty, with one side of the chin strap busted so you had to tie it instead of clipping it together. The visor was also an added bonus, with no stable hinges, so being aerodynamically challenged and vertical against the back of my head was the best, most predictable option. Worked those neck muscles! haha.

Yay! Power’s back on. That means I get AC again 🙂

Today, I got my first taste of solo teaching! We had a bit of an emergency, so Ennik had to step out for a bit, and I was leading the 11th grade class in a few activities. Asking questions about the area, about the students, asking them to share about their lives here. Travel and school and social lives and music and sports and then I realized that I was running out of the really general questions to ask in English. Not all of the students in that class spoke very well, but I found the ones that did and avoided them like the plague. We’re here to “bring up the lower levels” according to AMINEF, but I plan on teaching to the middle. I just have to find the bottom first. We played hangman and did tongue twisters. They even challenged me to try an Indonesian tongue twister, and I did, and it was a heck of a lot harder than “Peter Piper.”

Last class of the day was the 10th graders, who I had all to myself. Ennik was out, and I was feeling good after the 11th graders. We had a blast. We started out with an actual lesson, since I was in their class last Thursday, so I knew what was going to happen. We talked about instructions, verbs for cooking, and some general vocab in regards to the kitchen. They got bored with that pretty quick, so I asked one of them to volunteer and read their instructions for a chosen recipe. NOT ONE raised their hand. So I taught them how it was going to work if there were no volunteers. Nose Goes. Last one paying attention gets to read their assignment. I think it’s pretty fair. It worked out pretty well, too. They all monitored each other and made sure that the last one read out loud. Point 1 for Dani. 
We even got a bit of a serenade from a guy in the back of the class with a guitar. Some song that’s vaguely familiar by Westlife. I didn’t know that band still existed. The whole middle row of girls knew every word. It was pretty fun.

I must say that after today, I’m looking forward to class even more. I get to work with Hakim tomorrow and 3 classes of his 10th graders. Hopefully they don’t all ask me for Facebook like they did today. Otherwise I have 4o0 new friends. Eek.

Alrighty, suppertime. And the power turned off again. Splendid!
–“Miss Dani”



2 responses

5 10 2009

yay for teaching finally, even if it was by accident. 🙂 and the best method to choose someone ever… noes goes. i love that you are using that in your classroom!

6 10 2009
Alana Kansaku-Sarmiento

sounds great! i LOVE that you brought in nose-goes. Classic. you would. basically what mychaela said. 🙂 Also, i love how cheap food is the norm now. Remember 50 cent pizzas in cuba, and 3 cent ice cream cones??? ooohhhh yeaahhhh. Love you!

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