Finally, a reliable internet connection.

30 09 2009

So a while back (like two weeks ago…) I tried posting a blog about our time in Bandung. However, the Novotel internet didn’t think I should get to a good saving point, so it crashed. And then I didn’t have the patience to try again.

Thankfully, I’m now in Surabaya, getting settled and situated.

But, I really enjoyed Bandung and the fun we had there, so I’ll get you all up to date with the highlights of the three weeks there.

In addition to all of the adventures, we also had teacher training and lessons in Bahasa Indonesia. Saya bisa sedikit bahasa Indonesia… sedikit-sedikit! (I can speak very little Indonesian! Very very little!)

And when I’m touching only on the highlights of travel, I like to use pictures.
Without further ado…

Actually, just kidding. My internet connection is being lame and I definitely need to get some shut eye.  Good night, lovely people.



One response

6 10 2009
Alana Kansaku-Sarmiento

how’s that Bintang beer, or whatever it’s called? Nice pics, i really like the one of your chaco-adorned feet and the beautiful field view. And the one of the family on the motorcycle with the baby in pink shades. So cute!!

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