Today is a big day, but tomorrow’s even bigger!

28 08 2009

Last night was a blast. A few friends took me out in Forest Grove for a good old “last hurrah” before taking off. I had to explain to our regular bartender that I hate “despedidas,” or “goodbyes.” I was a blubbering idiot when Donald and Mychaela were saying goodbye.

It was tough to put it all together that a lot of those people are going to be in places far, far away when I come back to the States, but at least we had a lot of fun together!

And in happier news, I GOT A NEW CAMERA!
It’s a Canon Powershot SX10IS, translating to “perfection with 20X optical zoom.” I love it and I’ve only had it a day.

Well, we’re loading everything up and flying out in the morning, so this is the last you’ll hear from me until I’m overseas somewhere… or using the free wireless at PDX tomorrow.



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28 08 2009
Hannah B.

I love the free wi-fi at PDX!
It’s not like that at any other airport, we definitely updated our travel blog from the airport before we left. Haha. Do it.

And have a safe trip love :]

28 08 2009


Canon Powershot SX110IS is what I have… cannon has droped out of the megapixel wars and are just going to make good cameras…

28 08 2009

Looking forward to hearing all about it.

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