Something very critical arrived.

19 08 2009


I’m leaving on time this time!!! I had everything shipped to Kyllo’s so that someone would be there when my passport arrived with my visa. It was like someone slapped me with a big ol’ “Dani this is really happening” reality check. It kinda knocked the wind out of me in a way. In a good way, really, but at the same time, it scared me! I had prepared myself for the reality/stress that something might hang up and I’d have a hard time getting there like I did when I left for Spain a month later than I was supposed to due to visa issues. I told myself that nothing is for sure until I have the visa in my hands.

Well guess what..

It is currently sitting pretty next to my phone charger. Not in my hands, per se, but propped up against the Victoria’s Secret bag that houses all of my Fulbright papers. Who knew that their smaller bags hold manilla envelopes perfectly? It’s like a file cabinet for transients.

As it always does, bliss has its limits. I also got a letter from IIE saying that I either have G6PD deficiency, meaning that I’m very, very vulnerable to malaria, or they never got the form. I’m a little worried, so I’m going to be heading over to my doctor’s office to check that out. Let’s hope it’s the second option. Wish me luck with that!

After that, I’m heading to Forest Grove to drop off a birthday present and see some people before I take off… IN JUST OVER A WEEK. Holy carp!



2 responses

28 08 2009

Enjoy your next adventure:)
Love momma pg

29 08 2009

Holy carp? Jeez Dani, we just graduated and you’re already letting your spelling skills slip. Just kidding! I love you! Hope you are having a great time!

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